The 3rd CAT Risk Management & Modelling Asia 2016

Singapore | 22 - 23 August 2016

An increase in frequency and complexity of catastrophic events in the region has created the need for re/insurers, brokers, CAT modellers and developers alike to continue challenging inputs and assumptions, synthesizing different models and improving validation techniques. To better map, predict and manage the occurrence of natural disasters, greater advancements in CAT modelling must be made.
The only independent Global CAT Risk conference series for all modelling companies, brokers, regulators, reinsurance & insurance companies
As the 9th installment of the highly successful conference series, CAT Risk Management & Modelling Asia 2016 is Asia’s leading dedicated CAT risk focused event that provides an open and engaging platform for leading international and local minds of CAT risk to address the challenges that the insurance and reinsurance industry face in light of recent events.  

Delivered by the industry's leading CAT risk thought leaders, this conference will identify;  

  • Model fundamentals, comparison and analysis – and what this means for your business
  • Modelling major perils in the context of high probability and high impact global disasters
  • Non-modelled perils, their quantification in the absence of local 3rd party models and lessons learnt from recent disasters
  • Best practice CAT risk management and insights on reinsurance, pricing and underwriting

NEW FOR 2016 – Japan Earthquake Model Comparison Session!

Following the success of our pre-conference Model Comparison Day on China Cyclone in August 2014, we are pleased to announce the comeback of the industry’s renowned Model Comparison session on Japan Earthquake this coming 2016.


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Over 100 attendees in the previous CAT Risk Management & Modelling Asia event and more than 800 globally in both 2014 and 2015!

  1. Compare and evaluate the use of major CAT models and the role of open source platforms
  2. Examine how data and technology will advance the understanding, response and risk management strategy in and beyond CAT modelling
  3. Appreciate how models are being applied and critiqued from the end-user perspective
  4. Understand the current trajectory for CAT modelling and risk management and where the greatest developments are being made
  5. Understand the various methodologies used to model risk and how historical losses can be applied to aid model adjustments
  6. Extrapolate the relationship between next gen cat modelling and other aspects of re/insurance including underwriting, pricing, actuarial functions etc.


Professionals and government officials who are responsible for risk management functions related to catastrophe risk, including:

  • Re/insurers
  • Reinsurance & Insurance Brokers
  • Underwriters & Claims Managers
  • Government Officials involved with Catastrophe Exposures, Environmental Planning & Climate Change
  • Actuaries & Consultants
  • Climate Change Experts & Agencies

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